Adventure in Saarloius, Germany

So many places to explore, so little time to stay. There are so many things to do in Germany that keeps running on my mind, mouth-watering food, historic places, and many more.

Frankfurt International Airport.

After a long connecting flight from Manila > Abu Dhabi > I arrived at Frankfurt International Airport early in the morning. I was able to meet my batchmate in secondary school with her family. We had some breakfast at the food court and chitchats for an hour.

Frankfurt International Airport

Frankfurt is known as one of the best cities with awesome scenery in the country. I was planning to visit the main streets but I have to check my schedule going straight to Saarloius for about 3 to 4 hours travel by train.

Starbucks, Wiesbaden. From right – a friend going Saarloius too.

First stopped in Wiesbaden, drink a cup of coffee at Starbucks train station.

I stayed in Altes Pfarrhaus Beaumarais place, which is quite relaxing. They have a nice buffet every day; sweets, local cream, and bread. After office hours we went to different restaurants and historical places in the city. Tasted the best beer, wine, and original sausages ever!

Breakfast at Altes Pfarrhaus Beaumarais.
Best street food sausages ever.
After dinner with Gabriel.

Until next time Saarloius!

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