Laten we Amsterdam bezoeken! “Let’s visit Amsterdam”

Amsterdam is the capital of the Netherlands, where you will experience the perfect view of grand canals. A place of fascinating stories and art of all time in this city. It was the first time I did to travel to this place, I arrived in Amsterdam Airport Schiphol midway time that is why I decided to eat my lunch inside the food court. I tried Biefstukschotel for lunch and coffee; it’s a kinda sweet barbecue with a few mixed spices in it.

Gothenburg International Airport going to Amsterdam via KLM.
Midway meal at Amsterdam International Airport, Schiphol.

The car I got from the airport going to my accommodation is cool; a full-blown electronic Mercedes-Benz sedan with awesome features inside + the voice commands thingy. Almost 45 minutes from the airport to the main city where I checked-in at Radisson Blu Hotel Amsterdam. They have issues booking using American Express Card, glad I have with me my BPI Master Card to pay some dues. I encouraged you to bring your Master Card or Visa instead of AMEX if you are traveling in Schengen Visa country.

The room is fascinating, my closet is cool, and the food is perfect as well. Got plenty of drinks inside the fridge and candies too!

Radisson Blu Hotel in Amsterdam.

Overview of grand canals at the back, checking some kewl items at the nearest bookshop, and other stuff to bring home.

Grand Canals, Amsterdam.

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