Learn Basic Linux Commands

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This topic will guide you on how to use Linux basic commands and familiarize the command line environment.

What is Linux?

Linux is an operating system’s kernel like Microsoft they have Windows. 

Linus Torvalds from Helsinki, Finland created Linux from scratch and it is a UNIX clone. This operating system is free and open-source, which means you can change the codes and redistribute under your name. There are several Linux Distributions on the internet all you have to do is download and install.

Why learn Basic Linux Commands?

To be an expert in Linux first thing is to learn and familiar with the basic commands. The command line is a text interface to your computer other referred to this as shell, terminal, or console. The graphical user interface is good but to some level sometimes you need to dig the inner systems resources much faster using command lines. 

Shell “Terminal”

This is a program that receives commands from the user to process certain instructions and shows the output on the screen.

Using the Linux command-line interface you will be able to write the script or execute commands faster.


To open the current directory you’re in you can use this command. The root is the base of the Linux file system.


Use the command to know what’s inside your current directory. You will be able to see all the hidden files and extensions.


Displays the calendar’s current date of the month.


This will display whatever you provide in the command line.


This command means change directory, you will be able to move to the different directories using this command.


This command displays who is currently logged in.


Use this command to clear the content of the screen.

mkdir & rmdir

If you want to create a folder or a directory use mkdir command. For example “mkdir MyDirectory“. On the other hand, rmdir can only be used to delete a certain empty folder. 


A command will delete files and directories. This will delete both folder and the files inside the folder.


This command line is used to create a file. For example, “touch file.txt


A very helpful command, this means manual. This shows the manual pages of the command. For example, “man ls” shows the manual pages of ls command.


A command used to copy files through the command line.


This command will move the files in between outside or inside the directory.


This command is used to locate a file within the Linux system.


Use the command to check your server connection. For example, “ping www.google.com

Once you’ve mastered the basic Linux commands, next learn how to modify files, text manipulations, managing networks, adding software, and process management.

Try to learn also how to share printers, files, and folders through the network. 

For those who wanted to learn Linux, try to download a Virtual Machine software like Virtual Box, or Hyper-V for Windows PCs and download Ubuntu or other distributions.

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