Superb Sound JBL Live 300TWS

I decided to buy a wireless earphone since my AKG earphone was damaged. I’m choosing between the Samsung Galaxy Buds+ and JBL Live 300TWS both have the same price range as 500AED.

Samsung Buds+

Samsung Buds+ has cool features like swiping gestures, accepting voice commands, and long battery life compared to JBL Live 300TWS. But when it comes to sound quality and superb bass I choose Live 300TWS with serious power and audio you expect from JBL sound by Harman.

JBL Live 300TWS

They have both the same expectations for a wireless earphone but when it comes to battery Buds+ got it all for 10 hours playing time versus 6 hours Live 300TWS playing time. As for the audio quality hats-off to Live 300TWS, clean sound quality and perfectly fits well in my ears.

So it’s official the JBL Live 300TWS is the Samsung Buds+ killer.

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